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Working closely with Producers and Directors of Photography, we understand the requirements to fulfill your artistic and technical demands. With our expanding fleet of Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Digital Cameras up to 6K Raw, DR1 Aerial has the right combination of skill and knowledge to successfully create your content.


Our drones are guaranteed to produce professional grade and print-ready images to suit your individual need. With our advanced cameras and image processors, we are able to capture every memorable moment from every angle.


Proven to be effective in various industries including property development, tourism, marketing and real estate, our 360 panorama are high quality print and web ready images that speak for themselves.

Data Acquisition

We capture aerial data processed into highly precise georeferenced orthomosaics, 2D & 3D modelling, volume measurement and analysis reports. This enables better management, faster and more informed decision making and provides an accurate high-resolution record of every inch of your site.

Visual inspection

DR1 provides visual and thermal inspection with zoom capabilities while keeping staff out of harm’s way. This technology has enabled many industries such as Oil & Gas facilities, Pipeline Installations, Land Development, Environmental Protection and much more in reducing inspection costs and improving their maintenance schedule.

Sports & Events

DR1 Aerial can provide high quality broadcast vision from high above whilst maintaining a safe flight zone. Our Research & Development department has developed in house solutions to meet specific criteria to ensure our client’s need are fulfilled. Contact us for more information.


DR1 is a certified aerial cinematography and photography company. We operate a fleet of highly maintained Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system backed by our highly skilled and creative remote pilots.

  • Our team consists of professionals with backgrounds in film production, video/photo editing and remote aircraft developments.
  • Our goal is to build a long term customer relationship based on exceptional service and satisfaction.
  • Our aim is to get it right the first time every time.

All our operations are carried out in accordance with CASA and insured Internationally.

We welcome you to experience the difference at DR1.

  • Certified UAV Operator

    Our operations are carried out safely in accordance with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority

  • International Liability Insurance

    Our operations are backed by a premium insurance cover worldwide

  • Customer Service

    We are focused on building excellent long-term customer relationship and aim to be your preferred Drone Operator.

  • Expertise & Knowledge

    Years of flying experience results in confidence.

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